Talks Programme Sole DXB 2015

Programme of Talks at Sole DXB 2015


Day 1

TALK 1: 3.00PM – 4.00PM
In Conversation with Stan Smith

Presented by adidas Originals

TALK 2: 4.00PM – 5.00PM
Chris Stamp: STAMPD – The Journey

Presented by PUMA Select

STAMPD was founded in 2009 by Chris Stamp, a west coast Avant street influencer. He has evolved his own line into contemporary luxury, while retaining its iconic styling cues. Stampd embraces a modern youth culture which, along with its timeless appeal, creates high quality streetwear product mixed with simple forms for the everyday consumer. His collaboration with PUMA is one of high drive, infused with Stamp’s vision and creativity and PUMA’s technical expertise. The collection is inspired by performance and designed with cross function of performance and style in mind. Chris will be talking us through the journey of STAMPD, the collaboration with PUMA and a glimpse of what to expect in the seasons to come.

TALK 3: 4.30PM – 5.15PM
A Session with Bobbito Garcia aka Kool Bob Love

Presented by Sole DXB

Bobbito is one of NYC’s cultural activists, dubbed by complex magazine as the “sneaker world’s first official documentarian.” Along with his contributions to building and celebrating hiphop and the New York City playground basketball scene, the NYC native and world-renowned DJ Bobbito Garcia is the critically acclaimed author of Where’d You Get Those? NYC’s Sneaker Culture: 1960-1987 The former NY Knicks/MSG Network halftime reporter was the voice of EA Sports’ popular NBA Street video game and TV host of ESPN2’s “It’s the Shoes” series. In 2007, Nike released seven co-designed Air Force 1 sneakers bearing his signature. In 2013, Garcia co-directed the film Doin’ It In The Park: Pick-Up Basketball, NYC. Join us for a session with Kool Bob love on all things sneaker and urban culture.

TALK 4: 5.00PM – 5.45PM
Denim History by Mohsin Sajid

Presented by TINKAH

Founder of Denim Label ENDRIME, Mohsin Sajid shares his in depth knowledge of denim history & key historical brands and their input in the denim and workwear trade today. An introduction to the New Denim Renaissance, covering the cotton, yarn & denim manufacturing processes, the strengths of using original shuttle looms, the difference in weaves, selvedge denims VS non selvedge, the various types of washing treatments & the anatomy of a 5 pocket Jeans. Mohsin will talk us through videos of denim manufacture from factories in USA, Turkey, China and Japan.

TALK 5: 5.30PM – 6.15PM
Here I Am by Lisa Leone  

Presented by Cadillac & Bloomingdale’s – Dubai

Throughout her 25 year love affair with the lens, New Yorker Lisa Leone has seen it all but one of the most significant moments she captured is the birth of hip-hop. From Nas in the first studio recordings for what would become ‘Illmatic’ to Snoop on the set of his first video, from ingénue Debi Mazar hanging on the stoops of the West Village to Grandmaster Flash at a RockSteady reunion. A conversation with Lisa on her rich experiences and photographs which open portals to the sounds, places and, most important, the people who forged and continue to influence the energy that is hip hop.

TALK 6: 6.30PM – 7.00PM
In Conversation with DMC (Daryl McDaniels)

Presented by adidas Originals

Day 2

TALK 1: 3.00PM – 3.45PM
How Sport and Urban Culture Influence the Fashion Market by Yassine Saidi, PUMA

Presented by PUMA

PUMA has been consistently releasing some of our favourite sneakers and exclusive collaborations with some of the world’s greatest creatives and brands, especially through its Select line. Yassine Saidi, Global Head of PUMA Select and Sportstyle Footwear, is the driving force behind all this. He’s involved in everything from building a relationship with potential collaborative partners, product creation and activation. “We are positioned as a sports performance brand and this message is becoming clearer to our consumer. We have so much heritage and great history in performance, which eases the transition into sportstyle.” In this talk, Yassine discusses the influence of sports and urban culture on the fashion market.

TALK 2: 3.30PM – 4.00PM
My Denim Inspiration by Amy Leverton  

Presented by Sole DXB & Dubai Design District (d3)

MY DENIM INSPIRATION by Amy Leverton Amy is a denim expert who has worked in the industry for ten years, most recently at the leading trend forecasting website, WGSN, where she is currently Director of Denim and Youth Culture. She has travelled the world in search of inspiration and fresh trends to drive innovation for her denim clients. The book ‘Denim Dudes’ came about through this travel and Amy's encounters with fascinating personalities in the industry. In this presentation she will take you through her journey, highlighting some of her favourite characters and what they've taught her along the way. In addition, we’ll get a preview of images from her upcoming book, ‘Denim Dudettes’. 

TALK 3: 4.00PM – 4.45PM
Power To The People by Narcy 

Presented by Ray-Ban

Yassin 'Narcy' will be sharing with us what is the first session he shares with his Montreal based Hip-Hop course at Concordia University. Yassin will be discussing his introduction to hip hop, as well how the culture reshapes ones identity and understanding of cultural belonging and creativity. Serving as a 'deconstruction' and means to unlearn, this conversation/lecture examines the public understanding of power, and delves into the pre-conditioned codes of society that build up public narrative. This talk explores how to use hip hop as a means of communication and is also a call to young 'others' to speak on their experience from a pro-active place, not a reactive stance to the grand master narrative shared through mass media. 

Guillaume Philibert.jpg

TALK 4: 4.30PM – 5.15PM
Staying Relevant by Guillaume Philibert

Presented by Sole DXB

Filling pieces founder Guillaume Philibert takes us through a personal journey from up and coming to globally recognized footwear label, FILLING PIECES. Guillaume will share his industry Experience on how one stays relevant. The made in Portugal footwear brand, known for bringing together luxury quality and design.Staying Far from stagnant Filling Piece experiments with textures, fabrics, and prints, and has collaborated with the likes of Ronnie Fieg’s “Kith” and New York luxury department store Barneys. 

TALK 5: 5.30PM – 6.15PM
Art & Style - Hassan Hajjaj & Amine Bendrouiche in Conversation

Presented by The Third Line, Dubai

Longtime collaborators and friends, artist Hassan Hajjaj and fashion designer Amine Bendrouiche discuss their overlapping worlds of art, photography, fashion and music. This moderated talk explores both the shared and distinct inspirations between Hassan’s vibrant pop art influenced work and Amine’s playful, urban, androgynous fashion design, from today’s street style to London’s music scene, their shared Moroccan roots, and creating together between generations.

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