Workshops & Talks

Day 1




TALK 1: 1PM – 2PM
Olaf Hussein – Making It With Denim

Olaf Hussein is a young Amsterdam-based denim label with one clear goal: producing top quality denim that will remain true to its classic style while simultaneously incorporating new and modern silhouettes. Subtle luxury and understated items set the tone for the brand. After denim-authority stores a round the world, such as Tenue de Nîmes, Lui’s and 14 oz. started carrying the brand, sites like Superfuture, Rawr Denim and Hypebeast quickly caught on.

Olaf Hussein will discuss the steps he has taken to launch his label, where he takes inspiration from and the key factors in making it all happen. Clean and simple are key elements of this talk, discussing how design, quality & fit are closely connected.


TALK 2: 2.30PM – 3.30PM
New Market by Filling Pieces Founder Guillaume Philibert
The emerging cross-over between luxury & street style

Established in 2009, Filling Pieces is a footwear label founded by designer Guillaume Philibert. The independent label quickly gained a strong reputation, utilizing eye-catching patterns, premium materials and attractive silhouettes, all in its mission to bridge the gap between haute couture and street fashion. 

Widely known in recent times for some great collaborations with respected designers and retailers in the industry, including Liberty Fair, Black Friday, Aimé Leon Dore, and New York icon Ronnie Fieg.

Guillaume will discuss his brands bridging positioning between high fashion & streetwear and if this movement is a trend or staple. The talk will surely shed some light on the broadened horizons of both new and old brands and the people who support them.


TALK 3: 4.00 – 5.00
Origins: A Panel w/ Kish Kash – London Edition

Urban and street culture has been spreading its roots globally for decades now, and Londoners were some of the early adopters of the hip-hop movement, which has lead to an established industry of art, music, design and urban fashion retail. Sole invites you to a series of talks where we look to some of London’s urban culture authorities and how they made the transition from street to industry.

Kish, Brad & Dan will examine the origins of street wear culture to the present day drawing from personal experiences, a deep involvement in the music and street wear industries and as collectors themselves. They will discuss their first experiences of street culture and interactions with street wear and how they've seen the sector change over the past three decades. They'll examine why the lure of street wear and sneaker culture as spanned so many years, demographics and age groups. They will also discuss the various elements that have contributed to its growth such as music, skateboarding, basketball and how popular culture has driven awareness of street culture into the mainstream.


Kish Kash
As Street Culture Authorities go Kish Kash is ranked high up on that list. Hailing from London, where he’s been pushing the scene for over a decade. Kish is a former director of ‘Straight Up’, a street wear distribution company where he worked with the likes of Jeff Staple, Mishka and 10 Deep. He is also a renowned and avid sneaker collector, which has led to him being featured as an expert on kicks and fashion for various campaigns, consultations and presentations for the likes of Foot Locker, adidas, Nike, Puma and Jimmy Choo to name a few. Kish’s collection of sneakers and records are both in the thousands.

Brad Farrant Of Make Room Agency
Brad specializes in distribution and marketing in the UK for Staple, Asphalt Yacht Club, Wemoto, Official, X large, Pink Dolphin and UXA. He is an industry insider consulting with some of the UK’s biggest footwear and retail chain stores and a number of action sports brands. Brad has an extensive knowledge of the street wear, sneakers, skate and action sports industries.

DJ Dan Greenpeace
Is an established DJ, record label owner, artist manager and radio personality with some 20 years experience under his belt. Dan Greenpeace is the main man behind the cutting edge All City Hip-Hop Show on XFM, which has become a must-drop in for the hip hop cognoscenti, from superstars such as Eminem to underground luminaries like Dilated Peoples. Dan is also a well-established music journalist and club DJ.

He currently manages UK rap artist Sway and his successful record label All City Music that has acted as a conduit for many US and UK based rap artists. He is an established DJ and producer with a string of commercially released mix-albums alongside DJ Yoda, notably the ‘Unthugged’ series. 


TALK 4: 5.30 – 6.30
Hip Hop and your Neighbourhood

A panel discussion with 5 personalities who embody the different elements of Hip Hop. They will discuss how Hip Hop culture has been a positive influence on them and their society and one of the fastest growing movements beyond race and gender. Join us for a deeper look into the history of how Hip Hop has infiltrated and influenced Dubai.



TALK 1: 12.00PM – 1.00PM
DVMSKO – Amsterdam Edition – Olaf Hussein X Filling Pieces X Daily Paper  


Olaf Hussein, Founder of Amsterdam-based Denim Label
Filling Pieces, Founder & Creative Director Guillaume Phillibert
Daily Paper, Founders Hussein Suleiman & Jefferson Osei

Amsterdam Menswear Brand Daily Paper was shaped with the intention of producing quality street / casual wear for men just like themselves - Innovative & cultured with the desire to express their individuality through personal style and authenticity, representing their heritage.

Urban and street culture may have been established in cities like NYC but today there is a new wave of emerging street culture hubs. One such city is Amsterdam, known for its subcultures and non-conventional society. Amsterdam has become a breeding ground for street culture and some of the fastest rising labels and designers. Sole invites you to be part of the discussion on what factors led to the successful establishment of Dutch street culture, fashion and industry.

Talks_London Edition.jpg

TALK 2: 1.30PM – 2.30PM
The Movement – London Edition


Kish Kash, Sneaker Connoisseur
Brad Farrant, Make Room Agency
Dan Greenpeace, Talent Manager

Kish, Brad & Dan will return to discuss how the culture around street wear has grown into a global multi-billion dollar industry over nearly four decades. They will look at the main international hubs which have driven this growth and what lessons Dubai and the wider region can adopt in transitioning a global passion for street wear and sneaker culture into a more commercially viable proposition. They'll be comparing the conditions and history of Dubai within this sector with other hubs, challenging locally based sportswear brands and distributors to embrace the culture and see the opportunities within the marketplace. They'll also be looking at local street wear brands and how they can tap into other international markets and asking what can Dubai offer the world and vice-versa


TALK 3: 3.30PM – 4.30PM
PUMA Select presents Welcome to the World of ALIFE – From NYC to DXB…

"ALIFE is art. The source of art is the life of a people, and our people are a mix from diverse backgrounds with diverse interests. We paint, we sing, we rhyme, we skate, we bike, we ride, we drink, we smoke, we fight, we dance, we break, we rave, we talk, we right, we act..." 

Step into the world of ALIFE; a lifestyle concept focused on art, fashion, music and creativity with a strong penchant for originality. Born on the streets of New York City's Lower East Side, ALIFE’s mission is to showcase, elevate and perpetuate the organic New York City street culture from which it was born. To launch the PUMA X ALIFE SS15 #SELECT collab, PUMA will be hosting an open forum with ALIFE at the #PUMASELECT space to chat sneakers, lifestyle, art, music, fashion and creativity plus the journey of who they were to who they are and how they got there. 

The truth always comes from the street.


TALK 4: 5.00PM – 6.00PM
B-Side with Walé Adeyemi 

Walé Adeyemi has emerged as one of the UKs most recognised and successful fashion designers. The former Global Creative Director for New Era has spoken at Oxford University on fashion, become a proud Princes Trust Ambassador, designed for and styled international A-List stars, consulted for global brands such as Nokia, Slazenger, Adidas and Sky TV and not forgetting to mention, was one of the youngest recipients of an MBE in 2008 for his services to fashion.

His men and womens wear label, B-side by Walé, is cut from an impressive knowledge of style trends that comes from years of styling and designing for some of the most noted fashion icons and entertainers in the world including; Missy Elliott, Alicia Keys, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Ellie Goulding, Jessie J, Jourdan Dunn and Bruno Mars, to name a few.

Walé has been at the heart of current culture all of his life and had a deep affinity for new emerging and exciting trends that rise from our ever-changing world.