Graffiti Artists

Participating Artists at Sole DXB 2014



Remi Rough

Remi Rough has been making images for more than a quarter of a century. His art began on walls and trains in South London in 1984; today it has been exhibited in cities such as Miami, Newcastle, Berlin and New York. A respected train writer, Remi has also played a significant part in the development of ‘abstract graffiti’, a term that seems far too clinical to describe the accomplishments of his work, which has always been about the interplay of colour and shape.

His colour palette –and it seems to include an infinite range of shades and combinations – is worked out through deceptively simple arrangements of lines and angles that bring colours into unexpected encounters with each other. Much of this has been done on canvasses large and small, bringing the movement and style of train writing, condensed to its essential ingredients of line and colour, into the space of the gallery. And as part of the collective Agents of Change, Remi has also been re-imagining public spaces, whether in an abandoned ‘ghost village’ in Scotland, now transformed into a massive outdoor gallery, or on the exterior of the Megaro Hotel in the centre of London, offering passersby the sight of a new and dramatic mural five storeys high.

When we look at Remi’s images today, we think about the spaces around us, whether in a gallery or a city street, and we lose ourselves in the sheer pleasure that he offers us through the geometry of colour.

He moved from the streets to the galleries with his debut art show in 1989 and has since gone on to exhibit in London, Paris, Perth, Tokyo, Santander, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, Vancouver, Hong Kong, Berlin, Ibiza and more cities dotted around the globe.



TAVA aka Antoine Tavaglione is a Canadian Pop artist, muralist and illustrator based in Montreal. Not one to shy from the spotlight, he has made waves with his controversial mix of pop art, political banter and high fashion, Tava takes an omnivorous approach to culture both high and low, interacting with its symbolism and cult figures through his tongue-in-cheek style and signature ‘dripping milk’ visual effect.  

TAVA has showcased his artwork including original paintings, drawings, installations and silkscreen prints worldwide in both museums and galleries in NYC, Miami, Toronto, Sao Paulo to name a few, TAVA has also worked on an international level for clients & brands by applying his very own signature aesthetic to products and commercial spaces.

In the last year, TAVA has collaborated with Ford Canada, creating works for three Montreal subway stations during a Ford Fiesta campaign. A couple of months ago, Tava took a trip to Brazil, he created large murals all over the city of Sao Paulo. He worked in partnership with Instagrafite, they introduced and immersed Tava within the art community of Sao Paulo. More recently, he has collaborated with Bucketfeet, a Chicago based shoe brand, designing a custom TAVA shoe. Tava is also currently exhibiting original paintings at the BucketFeet pop-up shop in Soho, NYC. Tava has been travelling back and forth to NYC, creating artwork on the streets and working on a multitude of projects.


Buro 24/7 presents Wissam Shawkat

After recently partnering up with French fashion house Hermes, Dubai-based Wissam Shawkat is one of the top calligraphic writers and designers in the world. The Iraqi artist first became infatuated by calligraphy when he was 10 years old, when his teacher started drawing Arabic letters in chalk on the school blackboard – providing  him with a love for lettering ever since. Today, the self-taught artist’s work is recognised and collected by connoisseurs all over the world, keeping a visual design ethos of classical lettering infused with modernity as his signature style. 

Shawkat’s work is carefully thought-through and not at all random, as he built his artistic foundation on Islamic tradition and evolved it into a new hand calligraphy style script called Al Wissam Style – which is modern, metropolitan and ornamental. After his Letters of Love series was received with great acclaim in New York, Shawkat continues creating beautiful calligraphy artwork in his unique styles, one letter at a time.